• It's all about contact.


  • Practising Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy


    Nurturing a sense of belonging in a desensitised world: A Workshop with Dr. Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Gestalt Therapist and Niklaus Brantschen, Zen Master.


    Zugehörigkeit nähren und Mitgefühl stärken.


    Convened by Schweizer Verein für Gestalttherapie und Integrative Therapie SVG, Swiss Association of Gestalt Therapy and Integrative Therapy.


    September 8th - 12th, 2018. Lassalle Haus Bad Schoenbrunn, Edlibach/Switzerland.


    Registration will be possible in January 2018.



    'In einer Zeit, da der Lärm ins tiefste Tal dringt, wird es vermehrt zu einem Politikum, einer gesellschaftlich-kulturellen Aufgabe, die Stille zu retten (..).' *

    In our noisy world - noise intrudes the deepest valley - we have to impose the obligation on ourselves to preserve silence. **

    '... the therapeutic power of love. Who (..) dares to say such things?' *** 'The mission of psychotherapy today is to create a sense of belonging in a relationship where you feel recognised, to revitalise the contact boundary (..), to give sense to implicit intentionality of the contact (..).' ****


    'Nurturing a sense of belonging' - The workshop provides space to explore, experience and experiment with qualities of contact while sitting in silence and meditating and being with others in the Gestalt workshop. Focus is on self-awareness supported by theoretical input.

    * Niklaus Brantschen 2016, Stille.

    ** Translated by Beate Willauer.

    *** Donna Orange about Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb.

    **** Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb 2013, The Now-for-Next in Psychotherapy.

  • The People


    Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb (gestaltitaly.com) is a psychologist, psychotherapist, international trainer, founder and director of the Istituto di Gestalt HCC, a post-graduate psychotherapy training institute in Italy, recognized by the Italian Minister for the Universities and Research. She is a full member of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy (NYIGT), past president of the European Ass for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) and of other psychotherapy associations. She works and teaches all over the world, has organized many international conferences and was a convener of the EAGT-AAGT conference in Taormina 2016. She has contributed to the development of Gestalt therapy with several publications. Please have a look at her latest books The Now-for-Next in Psychotherapy and Gestalt Therapy with Children.

    Niklaus Brantschen (lassalle-haus.org) is a Zen Master and Jesuit priest, former director of Lassalle Haus, together with Pia Gyger co-founder and former director of Lassalle Institut Zen. Ethik. Leadership. and co-founder of the Jerusalem project for cooperation and dialogue. Niklaus is a prolific author, writing about topics like fastening, spirituality, interreligious dialogue, ethics, love. In the last couple of years Niklaus has been working in the area of leadership consulting. As a Zen teacher and master he was authorised by Yamada Roshi in 1988 and Glassman Roshi (zenpeacemakers.org) in 1999.

  • Quotations

    What Margherita and Niklaus say

    How to support self-regulation and interest into the other and life today? We feel the need to develop traditional tools of Gestalt therapy, while keeping rooted in our basic principles.


    Phenomenology, aesthetics and field oriented perspective will be applied to contemporary relational sufferings. Every human being can rely on his/her own creative capacity to transform one self and the other in a contact process, which goes beyond one’s own certanties. The feeling of oneself is the main tool to put our own certainties in the background and throw oneself into the wonderful momentary moment of self/other experience, with one’s own song and dance, being free to try other possiblities in the here and now. (Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, March 2017)

    Zen is delightful and annoying. Zen is frustrating and rewarding. Zen is rational and not rational. Attracted by a precise and demanding practise, we are often discouraged from sitting in silence. Assuming to know what is meant by sitting in silence, this apparent knowing get lost and get weird the more we try to approach it.


    The weeks and months I spent in Kamakura in Japan are in a way carved into my body. I was cold, I sweated. I was full of happiness and in deep despair. Kamakura means for me living to the fullest. After each week of intense Zen practise I felt light and free, as light as I feel after reaching a mountain peak and still different. I felt permeable, invigorated, vital, living.


    Zen supports us to be present. Zen is a mere practise to sit silently. Sitting in silence means to be rooted here and now in a particular place, to take time seriously and to be free from the pulse of time. (Niklaus Brantschen, March 2017, translated from German by Beate Willauer. The full text 'Zen - short introduction' will follow soon.)

  • The Program

    Labsale Haus https://www.lassalle-haus.org/park-umgebung.html

    - Sep 8th 6:30 PM Dinner and Welcome; introduction to Zen Meditation by Niklaus Brantschen


    - Sep 9th Practising Zen: Posture, breathing, sitting, walking, attitude, benefits


    Sep 10th - 12th Gestalt work with Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb. The main focus is on individual work framed by short inputs.


    - Sep 10th Morning session. The aesthetics of contact: From individual to relationship to the field. Individual work.

    Afternoon and evening session. The concept of awareness in a field perspective. Individual work.


    - Sep 11th Morning and afternoon session. How to work with Psychopathology in Gestalt Therapy terms: Phenomenological and aesthetic tools. Individual work.


    - Sep 12th Morning session. Individual work. Good-Bye.


    Download the detailed program here.

    Photo: gestalt.it/seminario-di-margherita-spagnuolo-lobb-presso-listituto-di-gestalt-della-bielorussia-2627-aprile-2013

  • The details

    Labsale Haus https://www.lassalle-haus.org/park-umgebung.html

    • Audience: Gestalt therapists, P&OD professionals, coaches, counsellors, therapists and practitioners of neighbouring therapeutic schools.
    • Location: Lassalle Haus Bad Schoenbrunn, Edlibach/Switzerland, a listed building, is beautifully located in the rural area of Canton Zug and can easily be reached by public transport.
    • Date: September, 8th - 12th, 2018.
    • Pricing: Program 445.00 Swiss Francs plus accommodation 480.00 Swiss Francs (room1) or 640.00 Swiss Francs (room2). Accommodation includes full board (breakfast, three course lunch and three course dinner). Room2 offers a small en suite bathroom, room1 a lavatory, bathroom on the floor. Travel expenses are not included.
    • Registration and mode of payment: Registration starts now until beginning of April. The workshop will be confirmed as soon as possible provided 18 people will participate. After confirmation a downpayment of 400.00 Swiss Frances should be made, the final payment one week before the workshop starts.  
    • For further information please contact vorstand.bw@gestalttherapie.ch    

    Photo above: lassalle-haus.org/park-umgebung.html.

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